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" Don’s work at The Seniors Centre has kept it a vibrant, welcoming, expanding institution that benefits so many people in all of Kingston. He is an excellent manager, speaker, and is well-suited to public office."

- Liz Schell, Former Councillor, Portsmouth District



" As a lifetime resident of Portsmouth Village, I want to support the candidate in this 2022 municipal election that I feel will best represent our district. Don Amos is the right candidate. He has demonstrated his commitment to our city through his 15 years of coaching soccer and hockey, has served with the Kingston Frontenac Housing Corporation, the Kingston Military Resource Centre, and currently is the Executive Director of the Seniors Association on Francis Street. I can verify that Don will take a thoughtful and thorough approach to any issues brought to his attention and will eloquently deliver the voice of Portsmouth
District to our City Council."


- Les Meers, Portsmouth Resident, Retired Firefighter, City of Kingston



" It has been my pleasure to know Don Amos for the past several years and I believe he would make an excellent councillor representing Portsmouth and serving Kingston. I have always found him to be a reasonable person, approaching issues with a wealth of real-world experience and a willingness to listen to be fully informed. Don cares deeply about the people he serves and puts in the time and effort to do his best in his position as the Executive Director of the Seniors Association Kingston Region. He will bring that spirit of dedication and hard work to his role as councillor, helping Kingston to meet the challenges of current issues and the moving forward to a better future."


Paul Cox, Retired Teacher and Administrator



" Don Amos is a man of high character, who, when he takes on a task, dedicates himself to doing the best job he can and bring it to completion. He believes in doing the right thing and he owns his decisions. Don has developed leadership skills in his work as the chief administrator for community-based organizations, a variety of municipal volunteer work, and coaching hockey. Don would bring these skills, character and judgement to the role of councillor for the district of Portsmouth, and help make the choices that will make Kingston better."


Judith Cox, Retired RN



" Several years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Don Amos.  We met as work colleagues and he was my supervisor. Although we've both moved on to different places of employment, we've continued to keep in touch.

Don is a man of great integrity, a hard worker, and committed to whatever task he takes on. He has worked in human services for many years and has dedicated his life's work to improving the quality of people's lives. He is a kind, sensitive, and caring individual. He also is not afraid to speak up and advocate for others when necessary. He is interested in others and will be both a good listener and a strong voice for his constituents should he be elected in Portsmouth District. My experience with him is that he is very socially progressive but balances that with a good dose of common sense and fiscal responsibility.  He is a good manager and would be an asset on City Council. 

As a constituent of Portsmouth District since 1985, I have seen many changes in this area. Some of these have been good and others not so much. There are likely to be some big challenges ahead for those living in this area and we need a calm, steady, reasonable, hard-working representative.  Don is someone I truly believe is up to those challenges.  He works well as a team member and we would be
well served by his representation."


- Kevin Raison, Resident of Portsmouth District, Former Colleague

SPEAKingston has the following four tenets:

  • Strengthen infrastructure – physical, technological, and cultural

  • Grow economic base with expanding employment and housing options and competitive taxes

  • Foster attractive, vibrant, walkable, and safe urban core and neighbourhoods

  • Protect historical assets and natural environment in responsible ways 


After completing the SPEAKingston 2022 Municipal Election survey for city council candidates,  candidate Don Amos meets all four of the above tenets.   SPEAKingston endorses Don Amos for Kingston City Council.  We look forward to working together to build our community.


- SPEAKingston, October 7, 2022



Don Amos for City Councillor, Portsmouth District

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